Toronto Christian Radio Seek Review

A legislated appeal to federal cabinet has been filed that could result in Toronto getting Canada’s first Christian talk station and the city’s first Christian music station. In its recent Toronto radio license decisions, Canada’s broadcast regulator, the CRTC, shut out applications for new radio station licenses for Toronto’s first Christian talk station on AM 740 and Toronto’s first Christian music station on FM 93.5. Your letters – needed now – plus the appeal as filed by applicant and broadcaster Andy McNabb, could cause the government to send the two decisions back to the CRTC for reconsideration and hearing.

Despite our radio station applications’ exceeding quantitative licensing criteria, the frequencies were awarded to the much smaller adults 50+/big band and urban/rap music markets this past June. The CRTC would not issue comment as to why the Christian applications were denied. In any and all cases, the largest unserved market in Toronto is left without a full-time Christian talk or music signal covering Toronto with a quality signal.

The proven fact is that our two stations will reach the largest unserved radio market in Toronto – the 3.7 million Christians of Toronto. The stations will each blanket the market with inspirational talk and music signals of high technical quality, each reaching more Canadians with Christian broadcasting than any other Christian radio station in Canada.

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